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November 7, 2009

Hey people,

The reason why this blog has had no new posts recently you can probably guess – the author’s life is slightly changing, getting more complicated and he “doesn’t have time”. I’ve been thinking and I’m not 100% sure whether I’d like to resume writing. I need you to motivate me. Give me a big hug, no wait…

If ten or more people write a positive comment to this post, then I’ll continue. If not, well, yeah.


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  1. phan permalink

    you’ve turned me on to a lot of cool music. i hope you keep this blog going.

  2. blake permalink

    i like your taste i keep coming here to find some new music

  3. lever permalink

    more! you have exquisite taste and have opened my world to new musical horizons!

  4. idle permalink

    I could not agree more:
    you have exquisite taste and have opened my world to new musical horizons!

  5. Eric permalink

    I really enjoy your recommendations and have discovered many bands through the site.

  6. Tijer permalink

    You should keep posting. But more important you do it because you really want to! At least 4 the 10 people you want the votes from.

  7. KEEP POSTING! Your doing good so far, why Stop?

  8. lever permalink

    wait, why are you asking people to beg you to go on. In having this blog, reward comes from the heart, or…you don’t ask people to beg you to go on.

  9. To everyone that wrote a comment, I thank you for your support!

    @lever, I’m not asking people to beg me. It just happens that I have been too busy lately to take time and write meaningful blog posts. Or often even search for new music. I have always enjoyed writing this blog, but if I feel like not doing it as I want to, it is not such a pleasure.

    And generally I’m in a phase where I’m examining all that I do, on computer and in life, to see if it’s something that really want / need, or not.

    So as I’m considering whether to continue writing this little blog or not, one thing that I want to know is how many people actually come back to read it, and would take a minute to write a comment. That is all. Thank you once again.

  10. Jdg permalink

    I’m frequently checking your blog to see if there’s some new stuff; I really like the concept of this site; in today’s overload on downloadable content, it’s very nice to have someone guiding you around and showing you the good stuff. Please keep posting!

  11. bavilla permalink

    Well, since you posted once, I figured I might actually bump you up to 10 😀

    Regardless I have you to thank for broadening my musical premise. No matter the genre you always have good taste, thanks!

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