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The Dark Knight

February 13, 2009

Here’s why this movie rocks:

  • Joker. Absolutely phenomenal performance by Heath Ledger. The guy is convincingly creepy, sicko, amusing, seducing, philosophical. When he’s on the screen he totally shadows everybody else, including Batman. I remember an old Batman where he was played by Jack Nickolson with a plastic mask on his face. That was so lame… this guy actually looks and feels like somebody took a knife and made him those scars. Sadly, Heath is now dead.
  • Batman is indeed the Dark Knight, “an outcast, making choices nobody else can make”. Eg he chooses to first save the only bright light in the city fighting against crime, his ex-girlfriend’s may-be husband, over her.
  • Harvey Dent. I’ve had the feeling from the beginning that he’s going to turn into a villain. How he falls is a big story withing the movie.
  • It’s directed by Chris Nolan, who made Memento.
  • Batmobile is so badass that it makes a black Lamborghini look like a cheap joke.
  • There is no Robin.



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  1. lack of robin is a plus for sure


  2. Sarah Lam permalink

    I like it because of Heath Ledger.

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