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Maurizio Pollini – Chopin Nocturnes

October 1, 2008

Through my love for piano jazz, I occasionally pick up and enjoy some classical piano compositions. Here Maurizio Pollini, Italian pianist, plays (all, it seems) 18 nocturnes written by Chopin (one of them I first heard played by Fujiko Hemming a while ago). The compositions are soulful and lyrical, while the performance is occasionally somewhat disturbed by the hissing noise of Pollini’s breathing. But nevermind, it is beautiful music through which I am still finding my way.


This torrent got deleted three times already as I was keeping it bookmarked; if the link takes you to a non-existing page, search for ‘pollini chopin’ and you’ll find it. Files are encoded in FLAC and an informative PDF booklet is included.


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  1. I have a recording of Pollini performing all Chopin Etudes. What a marvelous pianist!

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