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Oasis – Dig Out Your Soul

September 26, 2008

No matter what, Oasis will always be special to me. Fascinated by their albums from the 90s, I’ve spent, without exaggerating, thousands of hours listening to those songs in my teen years. So after awkwardly learning how to write songs sober (SOTSOG), a forgettable disaster, except for maybe two songs (Heathen Chemistry) and a solid album with some songs still feeling forced out (Don’t Believe the Truth), what do we have here? With great pleasure I can say that it’s something really good that they haven’t done in ten years (or more, depending on your opinion on Be Here Now).

Although I consider Be Here Now fantastic, it’s still not an honest but an album of a doped band trying to capture what the magic of the first two albums. On Dig Out Your Soul Oasis finally merge all what they’ve been talking about in the past few years but which has not yet delivered a good result – contributions from all band members, a touch of psychedelia, Noel exploring country music, and generally exploration of new sounds, being more riff-based with the spontaneous energy and swagger that once made them the greatest rock’n’roll band on earth.

My favourites are The Turning, a song that begins with a typical Oasis drum intro, followed by piano, until guitars bring it full on. This has happenned before, but this time it’s really relaxed and with good vibes and a chorus that doesn’t sound like a random attempt of creating a melody in Liam’s voice.

Another is The Shock Of The Lightning – amazing how far they can take two and a half power chords : ). Liam’s ballad I’m Outta Time is full of nice little melodies naturally pieced together. The Nature of Reality is Oasis doing noisy blues, while the closer Soldier On is just… well, I now instinctively expect a new Champagne Supernova at the end of each new album. That this is not, but a very memorable echoing low-key groove (I’ve been singing it in my head for two days).

Once again, they’ve made it only rock’n’roll.


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