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Silence is Sexy – This Ain’t Hollywood

September 19, 2008

Dutch band Silence is Sexy have decided to distribute their album This Ain’t Hollywood, a score for an imaginary film, over the BitTorrent network. I am very happy to see more and more artists embracing the new ways of spreading their work. The idea of packaging and massively selling music via a physical medium sounds equally nonsense to both the Internet generation and eg somebody living in 19th century. Artists get very little from that price anyway, and concerts are obviously a method that’s good enough for making money. Sceptics were saying that only bands of Radiohead’s fame could afford something like this, which is obviously wrong – on contrary, it gives unknown bands huge potential of getting heard. I doubt I’d ever hear this band if there wasn’t for this for instance.

And I’m glad I found them because their blend of post-punk music is excellent! You will read something like: “From a broad pallet of musical preferences, the band develops its sound that is compared to divergent bands like Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Placebo, Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine and Interpol.” I never take that kind of comparisons too seriously because they sound too perfect but I am already playing this on repeat, and it seems like a grower. Some trivia: the keyboard player is from The Gathering, the famous goth-metal band.


band website


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  1. Great music, indeed! You know they just won the Interactive Award 2009? We just posted a blog post about this on our blog

  2. Yep, great news. Saw it on their blog through mininova’s twitter update.

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