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Sarkar Raj

June 13, 2008

sarkar raj poster

I saw Sarkar Raj listed on mininova the other day and downloaded it not knowing what to expect. It’s a Hindi movie, and I haven’t seen one ever, I think. So I was eager to see it. The story bored me a bit at first. It’s about a powerful family, minister of the Maharashtra region and his son (on the poster), who has “in only two or three years achieved even more”, whatever that means exactly. They’re asked to support a project of building a large power plant. In the short term, 40,000 people will need to move. But the long term benefit is the development of the whole region, a dream that gets clouded quickly by political games, bribery and violence. I enjoyed it mostly for the atmosphere which feels somewhat new to me, with a different culture portrayed in a unique directing style and intense soundtrack.


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