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June 4, 2008

shutter poster

Shutter is a Thai horror movie from 2004. The title refers to the shutter in the photo camera, because, throughout the movie, mysterious shadows and ghosts appear on photographs.

The story begins with a young couple accidentally hitting a girl with their car, then driving away in the night. The girl’s spirit haunts them then on myriad occasions. The twist begins to develop somewhere after the first 45 minutes, when the two reveal the killed girl’s identity and slowly we learn that the guy actually knew her and had a relationship with her. Not just that, but there were also some really bad things which he did and the worst is in what he didn’t do… The way the burden he has to carry as his punishment is portrayed by the end of the movie was particularly interesting to me.

Overall the movie was pretty good, the creepy scenes were well made, although after seeing a couple of such films you might begin to feel it all repeats in a way. The actors were very persuasive in their delivery of characters and the plot, which does have some unique elements, alternating with some cliche stuff.



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