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Raconteurs – Consolers Of The Lonely

April 8, 2008

raconteurs Consolers Of The Lonely album cover

To me, the most exciting moments in Jack White‘s music are those when a track begins, you feel him there, he slowly begins to pick strings to slowly form a simple and powerful riff before blasting into a full jam, the sound of a man spontanously playing his rock’n’roll. On this album, the first two songs (Consoler Of The Lonely and single Salute Your Solution) are like that. In the rest, you will find a mixture of the sounds that have made up Icky Thump, last White Stripes‘ album, horns included, with some Americana style thrown in by the laid-back band.


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  1. Web Sheriff permalink

    Protecting Your Rights on the Internet
    Tel 44-(0)208-3238013
    Fax 44-(0)208-3238080


    Hi TorrentTimes,

    On behalf of XL Recordings and Warner Bros Records, we would kindly ask you not to post copies of “Consolers Of The Lonely” on your site (or any individual tracks from The Ranconteurs’ newly released album – release date 25th March).

    We do appreciate that you are fans of / are promoting The Ranconteurs, but XL and Warners would greatly appreciate your co-operation in removing your links to the pirate files in question. If you’d like a good quality, non-pirated, preview clip, a widget of the promo video for “Salute Your Solution” is available for you to embed at .

    Many thanks for respecting the artist’s and label’s wishes.

    As you will appreciate, this e-mail is written on a without prejudice basis and, as such, all of our clients’ accumulated, worldwide rights and remedies remain strictly reserved : please excuse this required formality.



  2. Ok, you seem to be a nice person who occasionally enjoys typing in uppercase so I’ll try not to make jokes.

    Please, follow the acceptable behaviour since the earliest days of the Internet and don’t post off-topic comments. For instance, someone reading your “e-mail” may conclude that there are “copies of Consolers Of The Lonely'” somewhere on this website, as well as a link to “pirate files in question”. The simple truth is that there is only a link to a web page which, among others, contains a link to a few-kilobyte long torrent file.

    Thanks for telling me about the widget, however the video is encoded in a proprietary format while I support free software, so I won’t embed it here.

  3. EDSON permalink

    F**K OFF!!!

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