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March 11, 2008

control movie poster

Control is a movie (not a documentary) about the late, great, Ian Curtis, directed by Anton Corbjin, who turns out to be a famous photographer. This does show in the movie which is made completely in black and white, and does often show some captivating esthetics.

The main actor, Sam Riley, is fantastic. After you’ve watched the movie, just compare to the original, that is if you haven’t seen much of Joy Division before. (I haven’t at least, although I do own and occasionally enjoy Unknown Pleasures and Closer.) The focus is much less on the band – mostly on Ian’s relationship with his wife (they married as very young) and another girl he has fallen in love with later, which is fair I think because the main reasons for his suicide come from there. The details I will leave to you, however I will say that the movie has managed to bring me close to his mind. I think that I understand him, despite quite minimal dialogue throughout it. Don’t let the line about “coolness” make you believe that this is a romanticized portrait of a troubled musician – Ian is shown in flesh and blood here. Ultimately he felt that he was losing control of his actions, feelings, even body – with strong disappointment and without anything beyond what he has already discovered in the world which would make him feel the life worth living.

But she expressed herself in many different ways
Until she lost control again
And walked upon the edge of no escape and laughed
I’ve lost control

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