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Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts I

March 3, 2008

nine inch nails ghosts album cover

What a beautiful surprise this new album from Nine Inch Nails is to me. It is first of all great to see Trent Reznor sticking to the plan of releasing albums by himself, without the constraints of record industry. And then the music. It is what I have always wished that Trent would do, go completely instrumental. Except for track eight, you won’t find the aggressive noise as on apocalyptic Year Zero, or similar loud NIN work. Instead, comparing to the previous albums, it is close to the instrumentals on my still-favourite The Fragile. As he says, it’s “a soundtrack for daydreams”. I think that it makes most sense while you are walking, thinking, exploring, in peace with yourself. I’ve been playing it on repeat – it is very captivating, simple yet feels so rich because it does not overwhelm you, but rather allows (or better yet – inspires) your thoughts and feelings to freely pulsate above the sound texture.

Btw a nice detail is that all songs have a custom photograph embedded in the file (except for the first one, illustrated with the album cover), which looks very nice on players and adds a bit more of NIN to the visual experience.

Please make sure that you visit the official website, and when you download, read the README!

Thanks Trent.

the pirate bay download


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