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Beirut – The Flying Club Cup

February 24, 2008

Beirut The Flying Club Cup album cover

Oh what pleasure I find in the music of Zach Condon, aka Beirut. Recently a friend has given me his first album, Gulag Orkestar. Probably in large part because I live in the part of the world from which music he takes some of his inspiration, I immediately liked his work, and have been listening to it frequently.

The Flying Club Cup is his second album, and it undoubtedly meets my expectations. It is even more orchestrated, and his bittersweet voice is wrapped in an enthusiastic and slightly clumsy arrangements (in the positive sense, as you would expect from such young folks) including brass instruments, keyboard, violin, marching drums, tambourine, harmonica…

mininova download

Note: At the same the Lon Gisland EP has been posted, which has otherwise been released between the two albums.

official website


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  1. dave permalink

    thanks (:

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