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Depeche Mode – Don’t Follow

January 5, 2008

depeche mode don't follow cover

I’m not sure but it seems that the same person has been posting these remix albums with material from all the way back in the, sadly gone, days of Demonoid. In any case, I have been following and enjoying some of them. The good ones are dark, majestic and fruity, not spoiling the original song but rather adding the extra layers of texture, weirdness and groove, which is exactly the point.

This one is especially nice because it is based on some great songs. Here’s the track list:

01 A Question Of Time (Greg Mayol Remix)
02 John The Revelator (i0301 Rework)
03 Dream On (Feel The Fever Coming No l Remix)
04 Just Can’t Get Enough (A Lover Get Enough)
05 Nodisco (Derek Marin’s Boys Say Mash Mix)
06 Saw Something (D58 Extended Mix Edit)
07 Enjoy The Silence (Light Mix)
08 Useless (Meddel Werx Remix)



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      1. bonjour,je viens de voir qu’un de mes remix est present sur cette compil,pouvez-vous m’envoyer un cd.

        greg mayol

      2. torrenttimes permalink

        Sorry I am not in any way involved in the making of this compilation – I just post my thoughts about nice torrents which I find with links. You could perhaps try contacting someone from

      3. ok merci pour l’information cordialement


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