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Les Savy Fav – Let’s stay friends

January 3, 2008

Les Savy Fav - Let's Stay Friends

This may be old for some, but I just discovered them. This album has been featured on some best-of-2007 lists and it is there for a good reason.

Standout tracks

The equestrian Sex! Horses! Rock’n’roll!

Pots & Pans is interesting because of its’ message, almost like a manifesto: “There was a band called the Pots and Pans / They made this noise that people couldn’t stand / … / Have you been made dense by polish and pretense? / … / This band’s a beating heart and it’s nowhere near its end“.

What would wolves do has the most poetic lyrics on the album, sounds like post-punk with warm 80s-like sound. You should hear it.

Kiss kiss is getting old is in essence a well-known story of losing the passion in a relationship. It is a standout song so the lyrics, which may appear a bit teenage, are actually charming. Verses are, surprise, sung by a certain girl, whose name I was not able to find out, with a voice of an angel flying a hundred meters above Tim Harrington who’s screaming the somehow-still-persuasive chorus “I want to know how did it get so cold? / Heavens to Betsy, won’t somebody get me out of this hole“. Notice how similar sounds repeat in the second line?

Listening to Comes & Goes, from the first few seconds you realize that the chords are announcing something significant. I’d put it on a movie sountrack.

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